Trap Door Athletics

We are Trap Door Athletics.

We offer opportunities for fitness outside of the the four walls of an athletic facility. We provide destination-based fitness excursions and retreats, along with competitive athletic events, to CrossFit affiliated gyms, organized sports teams, and athletes of all abilities.
This summer, we’re taking athletes from all over PA, NJ, and NYF to Camp, Friday, August 24 through Sunday, August 26 – check-in begins at noon on Friday! We’ll have workshops all weekend, including olympic lifting with Jim Rutter and the Liberty Barbell Club, gymnastics with Sammy Wright, hiking, specialized sessions, daily workouts, nutrition clinics with Liz Wolfe, RNT from CaveGirlEats, and so much more! We will be headed to Indian Head, a summer camp and mountain retreat located in Equinuck, PA – about 3.5 hours from Philadelphia and 2.5 hours from NYC – for a weekend of competition, camaraderie, and beast-mode engagement. Grab your friends and get step outside of your box!
Your weekend includes: Paleo-friendly meals; 2 nights of accommodations; registration in the team competition, booze, BBQ, and dancing by the campfire on Saturday night; daily daily, all of the Olympic lifting clinics, gymnastics workshops, seminars, and specialty courses from guest presenters, a killer Tshirt and more!

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