Tiffani W, now down over 100 pounds!

No gastric bypass for Tiffani

Tiffani’s doctor advised her to select 1 of 16 gastric bypass surgeries to help her loose weight.  She opted to try the “Kimberly Method”.  She’s now down 100 pounds since 2009!  Sustained weight loss! That’s the real weight loss success!

I’m so very proud of her!

“You see and hear all the time of people losing weight the natural way and I decided that was the route that I was going to take for myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be fast or easy and that it was going to take more than anything else big changes in my lifestyle.
So In March of 2009, I enlisted the help of personal trainer Kimberly Garrison. Over the past year and a half I have taken all of Kimberly’s suggestions and have implemented them into my everyday life. These changes didn’t happen overnight but instead it was a gradual change. Although, I am down 90lbs and medication free I am still not done and I will never be done. Everyone has their struggles in life and this is mine. This journey has taught me self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-appreciation.”… Tiffani W

Are you struggling with a weight problem?  I can help you too!  It’s as easy as walking and eating right.  I’ll show you how and coach you along the way.  Don’t want to go to a gym?  Try my Workout Takeout, it’s FITNESS DELIVERED.  I’ll come to your home and we’ll get moving in a comfortable environment.

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  1. Amber Schaffer says:

    I’ve known Tiffany since high school. She was always an awesome person. To see her now, I am so impressed. Whatever you did for her I want it too.!

    Amber Schaffer

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