Black Moms Are Raising Volume on Breastfeeding

By Christina Caldwell WeNews commentator Thursday, November 8, 2012 Christina Caldwell never saw a black woman breastfeeding before she gave birth. Now she's glad that two advocates are working to increase visibility in their communities and at work. These are the emotions that too many African American mothers feel regarding the decision to breastfeed. Instead of having the cheerful … [Read more...]

Celebrate Breast Feeding Aug 2nd


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My son loves to dance!

Dancing is a great exercise I have so much fun dancing with my son!  I invite everyone to show their children how much fun dancing can be.  Dancing is a great way to burn calories and have so much fun! Afternoon of dancing There's an amazing event called "Baby Loves Disco" on June 9th at Electric Factory!  You'll love it!  Let your children just let loose and "shake it"!  I'll be there … [Read more...]

let your baby disco!

babylovesdisco june 9

BABY LOVES DISCO This is going to be a great day!  Teach your children to get down to lift their spirits!  Join us, it's a blast!  Don't tell them to dance - show them.  Give your children a positive role model for a healthy lifestyle.  Show them that movement through dancing can be a great way to have fun and get much needed exercise that will help to keep them fit and healthy. … [Read more...]

Make Snacking Fun For Children

Be Creative & Let Them Help I recently read an article from the Mayo Clinic about Healthy Snacks.  I really enjoyed a few of the suggestions, and suggest using them with your children. The one suggestions that I loved were to mix & match and  broaden the menu of snacks for children.  So often we're so busy, we just want to grab what we know our children will enjoy.  I invite you to … [Read more...]

Baby Loves Disco

disco image

Dancing is a fun way to get your children moving Baby Loves Disco, a monthly afternoon dance party for kids 6 months to 7 years old, is a Philadelphia born phenomenon that has gone global. Its the brain child of Philadelphia’s own, Heather Murphy and Andy Hurwitz. Murphy, 41, a professional modern dancer, and mother of two, initially spearheaded the concept about 10 years ago.   Shortly … [Read more...]

Make A Nature Play Date

Camden's Play date with Nature!  Join Sprouts & Seedlings Weekly on Wednesday's March - May. Each week focuses on a health/science-related topic and includes: circle time songs hands-on activities healthy snacks story time nature crafts guided garden explorations and a ride on our train or carousel! Check out Camden's Children's Garden for more … [Read more...]

Let’s bring back “Good Old Common Sense Parenting”

Darius & I reading together.

Response to Wall Street Journal Article I read an article, "A Field Guide to the Middle-Class U.S. Family",   in the Wall Street Journal,  with utter disbelief. The article discusses the following findings: 1.  "... The [American] families had very a child-centered focus, which may help explain the "dependency dilemma" seen among American middle-class families....." 2. … [Read more...]

Do Moms Hold the Key to Victory Over Childhood Obesity?


Overweight and obesity are an epidemic in the U.S. among adults and teens.  While this is old news, what you may not know however, is that the prevalence of overweight and obesity has even trickled down to our tiny toddlers and pre-school age children. That right, the number of overweight obese three and four year olds has more than doubled in the last 20 years, too. Increasingly, even … [Read more...]

This Muscle is a Terrible One to Waste!

Darius at Kumon.

  Before my son, Darius, was born my husband and I had determined that we would make every sacrifice to make sure he receives a first class education and that he also reaches his highest human potential. During my pregnancy I devoured hundreds of books from around the globe on parenting, nurturing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping etc, but I also greedily consumed books like the Marva Collins … [Read more...]