Sugar Addict

I was a slave to sugar I HATE TO ADMIT this, but I'm an addict. That's right. I am a slave to sugar, and until I came to terms with this simple fact, I struggled to keep excess weight off. Until quite recently, every confection I encountered called my name. I had the absolutely most wicked sweet tooth - one I honestly got from my parents, who are both confectionery snobs, if you will. I could … [Read more...]

Add Color To Your Meals

color spectrum of food

Nature makes it beautiful so you'll want to eat it Mama always said to eat your greens.  We now know important the other colors are too!  Reds, yellows, purples, and orange all add vital nutrients, antioxidants and minerals to the body.  Enjoy a vibrant array of color as you plan your meals.  Visualize health. … [Read more...]

Foods That Hydrate

10 hydraing foods

10 Foods with High Water Content … [Read more...]

quinoa – protein power house

Great Protein Source If you're looking to get more non-animal protein sources in your diet, quinoa is a grain that you can use just like pasta.  Chilled or hot, it has great versatility.  Savory or sweet, this grain gives your body 20g of protein per cup.  Special thanks to Megan Telpner for the photo. … [Read more...]

this is so cute.

smile if you're vegetarian

Smile if you're a vegetarian. While I'm not a vegetarian, many of my readers have found this path serving them when it comes to food choices.  I saw this photo and wanted to post it to the blog to give my veggie followers a shout out!  Hey! … [Read more...]

Diabetes Prevention begins in July

The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program a new initiative that promotes healthy lifestyles to prevent a common disease: The program, a national campaign to promote healthy lifestyles to help reduce individuals’ chances of developing diabetes, will be offered in the Philadelphia area by the YMCA of Philadelphia & Vicinity. The evidence-based initiative consists of a 16-week class curriculum … [Read more...]

Kimberly on Fox 29 Good Day

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 11.40.24 AM

Kimberly discusses how to hydrate with food Click the image to watch the video … [Read more...]

Kimberly on Fox 29 Good Day

Kimberly's 4 Favorite Greens for Salads Healthy & Delicious Summer Salads: … [Read more...]

4 Greens I love in Salads


Salads with my 4 favorite greens Greens are the staple of salads.  Often times my clients can find themselves in a rut, always buying the same old greens and then getting bored and frustrated with eating healthier options. I've selected 4 greens that I love and will show how you can create 4 totally different salads to avoid the boredom pitfall.  Adding nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, and … [Read more...]

June Phun In Philly!

Can't Get To The Shore? Philly's Phun! Nothing really says, "Summer Fun" like an obligatory trip to one of the local beaches! However, I'm here to tell you that if you're not able to get to one of the many beaches in New Jersey or Delaware - there are many phun, phabulous, and phantastic things to do in Philly! I'm dedicating the month of June to pointing out the many places and activities … [Read more...]