Trap Door Athletics

We are Trap Door Athletics. We offer opportunities for fitness outside of the the four walls of an athletic facility. We provide destination-based fitness excursions and retreats, along with competitive athletic events, to CrossFit affiliated gyms, organized sports teams, and athletes of all abilities. This summer, we're taking athletes from all over PA, NJ, and NYF to Camp, Friday, August 24 … [Read more...]

A gorgeous walk.


 Kelly Drive If you're looking to commit to taking better care of your health.  Walking is the best way to begin your exercise program. We're lucky! In Philadelphia, we have one of the most beautiful walking paths - KELLY DRIVE.  Scenic views of the river, wonderfully landscaped with trees and flowers -it's a perfect setting for your daily walk. There are parking lots at the beginning, … [Read more...]

Escape To Chestnut Hill


 Walk The Cobblestone Streets Want to combine two activities?  Here's one I know many ladies will love - combine shopping & walking! This summer if you don't have any plans to head out of Philly on a vacation, take a look at different sections of Philadelphia to enjoy. There's a beautiful section of Philadelphia called Chestnut Hill.  It boasts a wonderful little shopping section … [Read more...]

Tiffani W, now down over 100 pounds!


No gastric bypass for Tiffani Tiffani's doctor advised her to select 1 of 16 gastric bypass surgeries to help her loose weight.  She opted to try the "Kimberly Method".  She's now down 100 pounds since 2009!  Sustained weight loss! That's the real weight loss success! I'm so very proud of her! "You see and hear all the time of people losing weight the natural way and I decided that was the … [Read more...]

Workout @ Home! Fitness Delivered by Kimberly!

workout take out

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June Phun In Philly!

Can't Get To The Shore? Philly's Phun! Nothing really says, "Summer Fun" like an obligatory trip to one of the local beaches! However, I'm here to tell you that if you're not able to get to one of the many beaches in New Jersey or Delaware - there are many phun, phabulous, and phantastic things to do in Philly! I'm dedicating the month of June to pointing out the many places and activities … [Read more...]

Memorial Day….. commit to a fresh start!

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.57.34 AM

 Fresh Start For Summer What a great time to make a commitment to a healthier you! Here's a few simple things that you can do that I promise will help you to feel better quickly. Set a goal of being healthy and active.  Here are 5 easy steps to getting started! 1.  Start drinking more water every day. 2.  Add some movement a few times a week.  3 - 4 times a week for 15, 20, or 30 … [Read more...]

30 second message of hope!

Message from Kimberly … [Read more...]

be beach ready with yoga

Beach Body Prep - Yoga-Style If you're getting ready to hit one of the Jersey Beaches down the shore this summer, I'd like to suggest adding a little yoga to your life. There's a beauty to yoga that starts with taking lots of deep full breaths. Never having been an advocate of hard, heart pounding, drench yourself in sweat work outs, I love the softness and gentleness that yoga can offer a … [Read more...]

Walk to Wellness with a pedometer

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 Count Your Steps It is recommended that you take at least 10,000 steps per day.  Average Americans are taking about 3,000 steps per day.  As a culture we need to walk more! We need to make sure we're moving daily.  Look for ways to increase your step count.  When can you walk as opposed to drive?  Do you really need to drive everywhere you go, can you walk? Can you park farther from … [Read more...]