Math Education….

An excerpt from Professor Fan Lianghuo said that Singapore’s mathematics education is “undoubtedly among the best in the world…but there are still areas for further improvement.”  He observed that the written communication skills of Singapore students’ used to explain mathematical solutions were “quite weak”.   And while many parents feel that the mathematics … [Read more...]

8 Reasons to get your MBA

8 Reasons to Head Back to School for Your MBA Degree In today's world, most people in the financial and business industries already have a bachelor's degree. To be promoted, earn a higher salary or even to find a secure job to begin with, you may need to have more than just a standard four year college degree. An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is an additional certification that … [Read more...]

Dancing Classrooms!


Getting Children to Dance is Beautiful! There's nothing that I love more than to see children be able to express themselves!  Combining movement, art and expression is one of the most wonderful developmental building blocks for our children.  I love Dancing Classrooms Philly because it brings movement into school! Dancing Classrooms Philly is a licensed ballroom dancing program for … [Read more...]

Sunburn Remedies


5  Ways to Treat Sunburn It's inevitable that if you're headed to a pool or the beach this summer, you or someone you know will end up with some sunburn. It's always best to protect your skin with a sunscreen, but in the event that you still end up with some sunburn, has 5 great suggestions that you should do. 1.  Act Quickly 2.  Moisturize 3.  Hydrate 4. … [Read more...]

Settlement Music’s 104th Gala raises over $250,000


Children's music education wins at 104th gala I had a wonderful time at the Settlement Music School’s 104th Anniversary Gala on April 21 at the Lowes Hotel in Philadelphia! I recently accepted their invitation to sit on their board because their Mission meshes perfectly with my beliefs on the value of music education for our children. The below is from Settlement's website "Settlement … [Read more...]

Kimberly Speaks to Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

Last summer I was delighted when the National Black Journalist Association asked me to lead the warm up for the annual 5k charity run, held at Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. So, I did not hesitate when the PABJ (Philadelphia Chapter) asked me to come speak to their members about health and wellness. Epidemic levels of chronic disease plague the black community that are independent of … [Read more...]

Reading With My Son

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.30.16 AM

Mommy & Me Time at the Book Fair I love to read.  You name it, books, a kindle, poetry, plays, newspaper, and magazines...I just can’t get enough. I’ve apparently passed this reading addiction onto my three year old son, who insists on reading a book even when he goes to the potty. So, when I heard about the Children’s Book World Fair  today, I knew it was a must attend … [Read more...]

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure!

At my annual well visit with Dr. Amy Orloff.

I believe we should do everything we can to help ourselves live healthier and happier lives. For that reason, I believe annual well visits to your doctor should be apart of your preventive health care strategy.  At your annual well visit you can develop a partnership with your doctor to help prevent disease and improve your health.   This is the time when your doctor may remind … [Read more...]

This Muscle is a Terrible One to Waste!

Darius at Kumon.

  Before my son, Darius, was born my husband and I had determined that we would make every sacrifice to make sure he receives a first class education and that he also reaches his highest human potential. During my pregnancy I devoured hundreds of books from around the globe on parenting, nurturing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping etc, but I also greedily consumed books like the Marva Collins … [Read more...]

How sugar became my bitter enemy


I HATE TO ADMIT this, but I'm an addict. That's right. I am a slave to sugar, and until I came to terms with this simple fact, I struggled to keep excess weight off. Until quite recently, every confection I encountered called my name. I had the absolutely most wicked sweet tooth - one I honestly got from my parents, who are both confectionery snobs, if you will. I could even overindulge in … [Read more...]