Trap Door Athletics

We are Trap Door Athletics. We offer opportunities for fitness outside of the the four walls of an athletic facility. We provide destination-based fitness excursions and retreats, along with competitive athletic events, to CrossFit affiliated gyms, organized sports teams, and athletes of all abilities. This summer, … |More|


A gorgeous walk.

 Kelly Drive If you're looking to commit to taking better care of your health.  Walking is the best way to begin your exercise program. We're lucky! In Philadelphia, we have one of the most beautiful walking paths - KELLY DRIVE.  Scenic views of the river, wonderfully landscaped with trees and flowers -it's a … |More|

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Sugar Addict

I was a slave to sugar I HATE TO ADMIT this, but I'm an addict. That's right. I am a slave to sugar, and until I came to terms with this simple fact, I struggled to keep excess weight off. Until quite recently, every confection I encountered called my name. I had the absolutely most wicked sweet tooth - one I … |More|

color spectrum of food

Add Color To Your Meals

Nature makes it beautiful so you'll want to eat it Mama always said to eat your greens.  We now know important the other colors are too!  Reds, yellows, purples, and orange all add vital nutrients, antioxidants and minerals to the body.  Enjoy a vibrant array of color as you plan your meals.  Visualize health. … |More|

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Diabetes Prevention begins in July

The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program a new initiative that promotes healthy lifestyles to prevent a common disease: The program, a national campaign to promote healthy lifestyles to help reduce … |More|

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